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Welcome to Gin and Cake, a biweekly podcast for fans and fanatics of the Great British Bake Off (or Great British Baking Show here in the US). We're glad you're here!

Apr 19, 2017

Today on Gin and Cake, we ponder patisserie in Season One, Episode Nine of The Great British Baking Show, in which our contestants politely duke it out to determine who is going to the finals. Along the way, we also manage to mention coprolites, electric cars, and the history of forbidden fruit. As you do.

So cue up...

Apr 5, 2017

In this episode of Gin and Cake, we consider the complexities of "advanced dough" in Season One, Episode Eight of The Great British Baking Show, along with treks to the stars, experiments with sound effects, and shocking confessions of a French nature.

So cue up Episode Eight (or just listen along), make a delicious...