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Welcome to Gin and Cake, a biweekly podcast for fans and fanatics of the Great British Bake Off (or Great British Baking Show here in the US). We're glad you're here!

Sep 20, 2017

On today's episode of Gin and Cake, four contestants bake it out to see who goes to the Season Two Finals! We also ramble at length about Dragon Con, HurriCon '17, Captain Kangaroo, Madonna muzak, rarebit rabbits, Hashtag, kerning, "Good Morning, Multiverse", and ectoplasm. Plus the show. Eventually. Promise!

So, grab...

Sep 6, 2017

On today's episode of Gin and Cake, we do without, revel in resplendence, worship Tina Turner, admire magic mushrooms and moms, and cry "Eureka!", all in a bid to find out who's going to the Season Two semifinals.

We also remind you about our t-shirt contest for Patreon subscribers, because we have the shirts and need...