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Welcome to Gin and Cake, a biweekly podcast for fans and fanatics of the Great British Bake Off (or Great British Baking Show here in the US). We're glad you're here!

Oct 18, 2017

On today's episode of Gin and Cake, we take a slightly befuddled look back at Season Two of the Great British Baking Show. Along the way, we'll consider shenanigans and swallows' tongues, pay-per-view and poverty cuisine, bookies and the bowels of Hoover Dam. We'll answer the profound question, "Sorry, who were you again?" And we'll bid a fond farewell to more than a season as we peer into the future.

So, grab a delicious beverage, get a box of comfort biscuits, and enjoy Episode 22. It's Gin and Cake time!


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