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Welcome to Gin and Cake, a biweekly podcast for fans and fanatics of the Great British Bake Off (or Great British Baking Show here in the US). We're glad you're here!

Nov 16, 2018

We're back! After a long and busy hiatus, Gin and Cake returns with a special episode--our first ever interview with a Bake Off contestant! Join us for a chat with the lovely Tom Gilliford, who nabbed our geeky baker hearts on UK Season 7 (US Season 4).

In a wide-ranging interview, we peek behind the bake-off curtain, get political about privilege, destroy some benches, attend a Eurovision pajama party, and get really nerdy with D&D, health potions, and the intersectionality of dungeons and dough.

So, grab a delicious beverage, open your pre-Thanksgiving snacks, and enjoy Episode 34. It's Gin and Cake time!

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